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Soft Homes offers a wide range of professional landscaping products and services

Softscaping/concept designing

In this we propose a 3D concept of how the project is going to be, then discuss with the and come up with the draft, then we go to the second phase which is implementation of the concept and phase 3 is maintenance.

Garden construction

This includes building Retaining walls, Flower beds, Gazebos, Patios, Pergolas and House finishing as shown in our album.

Garden features

Rock gardens, water gardens, Shrubs, Avenue planting (drive ways), Lawns, Climbers and creepers, Trees, Water plants, Hedges, Statues, Ornamental posts and Pillars, Arches, Gazebos and Pergolas.

Water features

Water features offer additional benefits to the home owners such as increased curb appeal, Home value and improves air quality. We do commercial and residential for both indoor and outdoor in all sizes.

Water features range from Fountains, Pools, Ponds, Rills, Artificial waterfalls, Streams and more.


We do all kinds of hardscaping including; concrete Stamping, concrete design, paving blocks, stone paving, Tile paving and Grass paving


We have great experience in lighting and we pay careful attention to the design and details to the professional installation. We do outdoor lighting in walkways, driveways and patios.


We install irrigation systems for Commercial buildings, Sports fields, Residential homes and do repair work on irrigation systems and system checks.

House Finishing

House Finishing work is our concluding stage of construction and we execute the overall quality of a modern building or structure being put into service. The main types of finishing work we do include facing, plastering, flooring (and parquetry), painting, wallpapering, and glazing.

We practice modern finishing for residential, public, and industrial buildings, with advanced technology and help of large prefabricated units, structures, and parts that are delivered to the construction site in final finished form (for example, wall panels and roof slabs, sanitary facilities, and window and door units).

We do Exterior facing operations mainly in finishing the fronts of buildings and structures with slabs and parts made of natural stone, facing brick, or ceramic blocks; with interior scaffolding at the same time as the walls are being laid.

Other Services
Land Advisory Services

As the cost of living increases in our country, so does the cost plants and garden materials. Gardens are now more expensive and need to be maintained properly to save money and increase value for your homes and villas. Our team can give you expert advice on Garden /Landscaping.

Maintenance Services
  • Private and public landscapes
  • Hardscaping
  • Irrigation system
  • Sports fields
  • Water features
Our Trending products
  • Pavers
  • Plants
  • Garden accessories
  • Manure
  • Building & Ornamental stones
  • Pots